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New Mexico State University
Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

Distinguished Achievement Professorships

Posted by | Published May 15, 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 Distinguished AchievementProfessorship (DAP) recipients!  This professorship program was designed for full professors who have been in rank for at least seven years and who have demonstrated significant achievements at that rank.  The following 53 individuals are the members of our first cohort of DAPs.

College of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences
Frank Ward Ag Economics & Ag Business
Brenda Seevers Ag & Extension Education
Dennis Hallford Animal & Range Sciences
Tim Ross Animal & Range Sciences
Stephen Thomas EPPWS
Jill Schroeder EPPWS
Lisa McKee Family & Consumer Sciences
John Mexal Plant & Environmental Sciences
Champa Gopalan Plant & Environmental Sciences
Curtis Monger Plant & Environmental Sciences
Paul Bosland Plant & Environmental Sciences
Mary O’Connell Plant & Environmental Sciences
Shelly Porter Hathorn Cooperative Extension Service
Linda Schultz Cooperative Extension Service
Keith Duncan Cooperative Extension Service
Frederick Richardson Cooperative Extension Service
Patrick Torres Cooperative Extension Service
Sandra Barraza Cooperative Extension Service
College of Arts & Sciences
Beth Pollack College of Arts & Sciences
Miriam Chaiken Anthropology
Bernie McNamara Astronomy
Rene Walterbos Astronomy
William Boecklan Biology
Jeff Arterburn Chemistry & Biochemistry
Gary Eiceman Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kenneth Hacker Communication Studies
Esther Steiner Computer Science
Mark Medoff Creative Media Institute
Nancy McMillan Geological Sciences
William Eamon History
Sean McCleneghan Journalism & Mass Communications
Jesus J. Barquet Languages & Linguistics
Patrick Morandi Mathematical Sciences
James Shearer Music
Matthias Burkardt Physics
William Gibbs Physics
Laura Thompson Psychology
David Trafimow Psychology
College of Business
James Peach Economics, Applied Statistics, & Int’l Business
Richard Fortin Finance
David Boje Management
Elise Sautter Marketing & General Business
Robin Petersen Marketing & General Business
Michael Hyman Marketing & General Business
College of Education
Karin Wiburg College of Education
Michael Waldo Counseling & Educational Psychology
Rudolfo Chavez Chavez Curriculum & Instruction
College of Engineering
David Rockstraw Chemical Engineering
Nirmala Khandan Civil & Geological Engineering
Jaime Ramirez-Angulo Electrical &Computer Engineering
Satish Ranade Electrical &Computer Engineering
Jeff Beasley Engineering Technology & Surveying
Jeanette Smith Library


Please watch for information about our opportunity to celebrate the success of these colleagues early in the Fall semester.  A new call for DAP nominations will also be forthcoming shortly.

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