Activity report for the week of June 29 – July 4

I trust everyone is enjoying the beginning of the monsoon season. The fruit trees in my yard have been productive this year, which means the inhabitants of Hadley Hall have been besieged by containers of fruit that appear without warning on tables and counter tops.

  • I spent Monday and Tuesday at the Western Academic Leadership Forum Executive Committee meeting in Boulder, Colorado, to plan the spring annual meeting of the forum. The Western Academic Leadership Forum is comprised of chief academic officers of universities and colleges NMSU Faculty and Staff July 7, 2015 Page 2 in the 15 WICHE states and provides members with an opportunity to share resources and discuss issues of common concern. The spring 2016 annual meeting will focus on faculty issues.
  • On Thursday, I met with the College of Engineering faculty and staff to discuss the appointment of an interim dean of the College of Engineering and the search for a dean of the college. At the meeting, we discussed the qualities we would like to see in both an interim and permanent dean and the processes by which both positions will be filled. Six distinguished nominees are currently under consideration for appointment as interim dean and I will interview all six over the course of the next week. Until Wednesday of this week, faculty and staff will have an opportunity to evaluate each candidate through a Website established by my office.
  • The search for a permanent dean will begin in the fall semester. The search committee will consist of 15-20 people and members will represent faculty from departments within and outside the college, staff, students, and external constituencies. The overall search process will take 6 to 9 months, and the new dean should be in place by July 1, 2016. Faculty members must be elected to serve on the search committee

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