Activity report from the week of August 30 – September 5

Charlie Nutt Visit

Charlie Nutt, the Executive Director of the National Academic Advising Association spent two days on campus at the beginning of the week, working with all our academic advisors, but focusing especially on training the Student Success Navigators.  I had the pleasure of observing Dr. Nutt interact with our Student Success Navigators, and it was clearly a transformative experience for all.  Dr. Nutt’s enthusiasm for the program and the quality of the Navigators was confirmed in an exit interview I had with him on Tuesday.

Rhodes Scholarship Mock Interview

It was a great pleasure to participate in the mock interviews of Lindsay Redman, who is applying for a Rhodes Scholarship. Lindsay is a 4.0 student from Espanola, New Mexico, who has been heavily involved in biomedical research while a student at NMSU.  In 2013, Lindsay won a Barry Goldwater Scholarship.  This summer, Lindsay participated in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Exceptional Research Opportunities Program, working in the laboratory of Dr. Stuart Schreiber and Dr. Anneke Kramm at the Broad Institute, a joint biomedical research collaboration between MIT and Harvard.  I was especially grateful, that Secretary of Higher Education, Dr. Barbara Damron took time out of her busy schedule to travel to Las Cruces and participate in one of the mock interviews.

Ruffalo Noel Levitz Visit

Two representatives of Ruffalo Noel Levitz spent two days on the NMSU Las Cruces campus studying our recruitment and retention efforts and offering their assessment of our opportunities in this area.  The bottom line is that there is much we are doing well, but there are many areas in which opportunities for improvement exist.  I will be working with the College Deans and the top administrators of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management to improve communication and coordination between academic affairs and student affairs, areas that are critical to our recruitment and retention efforts.

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