Enrollment and Retention Update

provost-dan-howardEarlier this week, the Chancellor provided some good news with regard to the retention of students in the Aggie Pathway Program.  Continuing this focus on good news, I thought I would share the most up-to-date information on NMSU’s recruiting, admission, and retention efforts.
On the recruiting and admissions front, undergraduate applications to NMSU Las Cruces for Fall 2017 are up 8.2% compared to the same time last year, and the number of students admitted is up 18.9%.  Most of the increase in applications can be attributed to a bump in out-of-state applications, particularly from Texas.  Within the state of New Mexico, applications have increased from every county with the exception of Luna (where we have exactly the same number of applications as last year), and Doña Ana, where the number of applications is down.  We will work hard to turn around the Doña Ana numbers in the coming months, and I encourage all of you to help in this effort by sharing stories of the inspiring accomplishments of your colleagues and our students with your neighbors.
On the retention front, our fall to spring retention of our first-year students is the highest we have seen in more than a decade, a remarkable achievement and a testament to the good work of our faculty, advisors, navigators, and other staff members.  Thanks, all of you, for your commitment and efforts.
It is still early in the application and admission process and there is much work to be done to ensure that we convert applicants to Aggies.  However, I have confidence that our Student Affairs and Enrollment team is up to the task, and that everyone at NMSU will continue to display the warmth and dynamism that convince so many students to study here.  I also have confidence that our first-year students will continue on their road to a four-year degree at NMSU, supported by faculty, advisors, and staff who understand the essential role they play in helping students achieve more than they thought possible. 

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