Activity Report for Week of February 25 – March 3

  • I spent all day Monday and part of Tuesday with the members of the Search Committee for Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance. We interviewed via Skype 10 candidates with the goal of identifying 3-5 to bring to campus for face-to-face interviews with the Chancellor and other members of the NMSU community.
  • A major topic of discussion at the Academic Dean’s Council was the move toward requiring that all graduates of NMSU Las Cruces fulfill an experiential learning requirement. A survey of our departments and programs indicate that most of our students already meet this requirement. The major obstacle to implementation is devising a system within each degree program for monitoring and verifying experiential learning.
  • At the NMSU General Education Task Force Meeting on Wednesday, we discussed re-casting our general education model from an essential skills framework into a content area distribution framework. The purpose of such a move is not to de-emphasize essential skills, but to make the model easier to understand and implement.  The concern is that the importance of essential skills in general education will be lost in a curriculum that seems to be focused on content areas.  In implementing a model in which content areas are the most visible component, it will be important to require that instructors build courses that teach and assess essential skills. We will also need to determine which essential skills should be associated with each content area and how to ensure that a student completing this curriculum has received training in each essential

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