Centralized Advising Update

provost-dan-howardProgress on centralized advising has been swift since the last time I covered it in my Provost’s Post, so an update to the NMSU community seems timely. 
Leadership for the Center for Academic Advising and Student Support is in good hands with the appointment of Dr. Jennifer Hodges as Interim Director and Ms. Marissa Fowler as Interim Associate Director.  Both will serve in these capacities until next year when we will search for a permanent Director and Associate Director. 
Garcia Annex has been identified as the home of the Center for Academic Advising and Student Support, and planning is now underway for renovations and identifying the organizations that will remain in the building and organizations that will be relocated.  An important consideration in deciding whether organizations move or remain is the role they play in student support.  We would like to make Garcia Annex a one-stop shop for student support, to the greatest extent possible.
Dr. Elizabeth Schirmer of the Department of English and a member of the Centralized Advising Task Force is working with other committee members to ensure that lines of communication are established and remain strong between the Center and our academic departments.  The sub-committee Dr. Schirmer leads is recommending that each department appoint one regular faculty member as Faculty Advising Liaison.  At a minimum, this liaison will be expected to meet regularly with the advising team responsible for the department’s majors and take other steps to maintain communication between the department and the Center’s advisors, especially with regard to curricular matters. 
Important progress has also been made in identifying personnel who will be transferred to the Center; as well as processes and procedures associated with advising, progress toward degrees, and certification of degrees that will move to the Center and those that will remain in the colleges.
The success of this initiative will depend on training professional advisors in some of the proactive outreach activities associated with Student Success Navigators, and training Navigators in processes formerly reserved for professional advising staff.  This cross training is now well underway and will continue through April.
To keep the NMSU community informed about the centralized advising initiative we have established a website –  http://provost.nmsu.edu/advising/ – associated with the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.  Please visit that website for updates on this initiative as well as important information about advising and student support at NMSU.
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