HLC Review Team Visit November 13-14, 2017

provost-dan-howardNew Mexico State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is on the Open Pathway, a pathway reserved for the strongest institutions of higher education in the United States.  As part of its reaffirmation of accreditation, NMSU will be visited by an HLC Review Team on November 13-14 of this year.  Prior to this visit, the review team will receive an Assurance Argument prepared by NMSU which provides evidence that NMSU meets the Criteria for Accreditation and federal compliance expectations. 
Six writing teams have been working for more than a year to prepare the arguments for each of the five criteria and the federal compliance section.  I am grateful to the writing teams, and their leaders (Kevin Boberg, Luis Vazquez, David Smith, Kathy Brook, D’Anne Stuart, and Bernadette Montoya) for the many hours of work they put into preparing drafts of the arguments. 
Penultimate drafts of the arguments are now being prepared by Shelly Stovall and Samantha Rich and will soon be made available to the NMSU community for editing and comments.  Because each component of each argument can stand alone, they will be posted when they are deemed ready by Shelly and Samantha, rather than as an assembled whole.  Announcements about postings will appear on Hotline.
I encourage all of you to read and comment on the arguments, especially those that deal with areas of NMSU with which you have a strong familiarity.  Keep in mind that the HLC review team demands that we provide evidence that we meet every component of every criterion, which requires the writing of evidentiary statements rather than flowery narratives.  The most helpful comments will be those that provide additional evidence that a criterion is met, or those that document errors in an evidentiary statement. 
There is probably nothing more important to the long-term health of NMSU than accreditation.  I will provide ever more frequent updates on the topic as the visit of the review team draws closer.  For the time being, your attention to, and help with, our assurance argument is the best way to participate in the accreditation process.
With all best wishes,


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