Activity Report for Week of September 9 – September 15

On Monday, September 11, I joined the Chancellor, the Vice President for Research, and the Vice President for Advancement at a dinner welcoming visitors from Sandia National Laboratory. During the course of the dinner we discussed partnership opportunities, including ways in which we might work together on cyber security issues.

On Tuesday, I met with the Leadership Team of the Regents Student Success Committee.  Among the issues we discussed during a two hour meeting were: movement of degree programs to 120 credit hours; meta majors and their implementation; experiential learning at NMSU; graduation rates;  implementation of centralized advising and predictive analytics: and, the research enterprise at NMSU.

Later that day, I met with the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.  During the course of this meeting we discussed the important role of extension at NMSU and the need to make extension more visible; concerns about faculty hiring; and, concerns about covering courses and access to faculty salary pool funds.  I appreciated the frankness of the discussions and the clear commitment of the faculty to the mission of NMSU.

I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday at the Domenici Conference.  The sadness of the Senator’s death a short time before the beginning of the conference on Wednesday did not dampen the spirit of the speakers, who were all excellent, or the incisive questions of the students.  The students always do a good job of questioning the speakers, but the questions at this conference were especially thoughtful and well-researched.  Congratulations to everyone responsible for a wonderful conference, particularly Janet Green, for whom no detail was too small, and Kevin Boberg, who knows how to inspire students to do their best work.

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