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Faculty Grievance Review Board seeking nominations

The NMSU Faculty Grievance Review Board is seeking nominations to fill several open positions. Nominees must be tenured, tenure track, or college faculty who do not hold an administrative position. Appointments will vary in length from 2 to 3 years. Based on NMSU policy, no more than one board member can come from any department…
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Helping faculty through transitions

A pair of articles in the July 24 Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted how the needs of faculty change as their academic career progress. “Associate Professors: Academe’s Sandwich Generation,” describes the demands on associate professors. Assistant professors are often spared from administrative duties to allow them time to earn tenure; senior faculty usually have well-established…
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Policy Changes for International Travel

Recent changes to NMSU’s policy on international travel (Policy 2.69.1) will allow NMSU to better assist faculty, staff, and students respond quickly to changing conditions abroad and will better inform and prepare travelers prior to their trip. The new policy requires that all faculty, staff, and students traveling on NMSU business to a foreign country…
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Campus Health Center

May 26, 2011   To:           Colleague Faculty and Staff Members From:       Wendy K. Wilkins, Executive Vice President and Provost   It has been brought to my attention that there are concerns regarding the Campus Health Center. As I understand the current issue, there is a perception among members of…
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