New Mexico Statewide General Education

What would general education in New Mexico look like if we could design it from the ground up?

  • We would start with the question of outcomes: What transferable skills and content knowledge should all graduates leave their institution with?
  • We would develop a streamlined curriculum with greater emphasis on acquisition of transferable skills valued by employers and essential for lifelong learning.
  • We would include careful assessment to ensure that we are meeting outcomes.

We would get there by asking:

  • Faculty to drive this effort: they are the experts in curriculum, and their contributions to any efforts at education reform are critical.
  • Students to contribute to the conversation: we need to understand what they are seeking in a college education.
  • The Higher Education Department to facilitate this state-wide: HED has responsibility for general education across New Mexico, and they represent the interest of New Mexico and its people.
  • Assistance from Chief Academic Officers at every institution of higher education in New Mexico: their assistance is required to ensure that this effort is informed by faculty teaching general education all over the state.



Itinerary for Input Sessions October 2017 (Click to expand)