Statewide General Education Steering Committee

Dan Howard, Chair, Provost, New Mexico State University

Central New Mexico Community College

Nathan Saline, Faculty, Computers and Information
David Valdes
, Faculty Senate Chair
Erica Volkers, Dean. Communication, Humanities, Social Science

Clovis Community College

Robin Jones, Executive Vice President

Eastern New Mexico University

Suzanne Balch-Lindsay, Curriculum Chair, Department Chair

Eastern New Mexico University Roswell

Annemarie Oldfield, Instructor, English

Eastern New Mexico University Ruidoso

Pierre Laroche, Vice President for Student Learning

Higher Education Department

Bridgette Noonen, Senior Policy Analyst

New Mexico Highlands University

Carol Linder, Associate VPAA

New Mexico Junior College

Larry Sanderson, Director, Institutional Effecriveness

New Mexico Tech

Steve Simpson, Chair, Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences
Kevin Wedeward, Dean of Engineering

New Mexico Military Institute

Joel Dykstra, Associate Dean Humanities, and faculty member

New Mexico State University

Herman Garcia, Regents Professor
Stuart Munson-McGee, Chair of Faculty Senate
Mark Walker, Professor, Philosophy

New Mexico State University Doña Ana
Community College

Donna Alden, Professor, English
David Burleson
, Interim Division Dean, General Studies

Northern New Mexico College

Lori Franklin, Chairperson for Humanities, Social Sciences, Language and Letters
Ivan Lopez, Provost

San Juan College

Alicia O’Brien, Department Chair
Michael Ottinger, Dean, Science, Math, and Engineering

Santa Fe Community College

John Boyce, Arts and Design
Julia Deisler
, Chair, English, Reading, Speech, World Languages
Colleen Lynch, Chair, Curriculum Committee

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

Nicole Benton, Math Instructor
Val Montoya, VP Academic Programs

University of New Mexico

Ganesh Balakrishnan, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Delia Brennan, ASUNM Senator
Regina Carlow, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Pamela Cheek, Chair, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Mark Emmons, Associate Dean of Public Services and a Professor of Librarianship
Chuck Paine, Professor, Director of Writing

University of New Mexico Los Alamos

Mickey Marsee, First year coordinator of English

Western New Mexico University

Benjamin Cline, Assistant Professor of Communication
Jack Crocker, Provost
Michaelann Nelson, Assistant Professor of English