APR Working Group Summary, April 6, 2011

Corbett Center Luna Room • 2:00–3:00pm
Natalie Kellner, Facilitator


APR Overview and Website

  • Academic Program Review (APR) work to date, acknowledging APR planning group from 2007
    • Fall 2010:  a metrics group formed to consider options for NMSU
  • Peer Institute Research: Overview and metrics of program review at NMSU’s peer institutions
  • APR Working Group: Requested to provide input into development of the process.
    • Process as drafted: NMSU’s process will operate on a seven-year cycle with the one-year, self study program review performed at the departmental level.
    • Metrics for APR: these will be considered by the working group.
    • Annual data review: Information will be provided to departments as part of their review. 
    • APR process might be piloted in fall 2011 and that the new process implemented in 2012.

Role of APR Working Group

  • Separate processes should be developed for undergraduate and graduate programs but both can be addressed simultaneously in the program review. 
  • Process needs to be transparent
    • Faculty involvement is essential, as is conveying to the university community how the results of the program review will be used.
    • President and Provost were encouraged to attend each college’s fall convocation. 
    • Other issues: accreditation and strategic planning  measures might not relate to APR.


Next Steps

  • Recommendation: fully engage the academic community, develop the process, coordinate with departmental accreditation, and provide adequate lead time for pilot implementation.
  • Completed these critical items by the end of the fall term
  • Delay pilot to January-December 2012 to coincide with the recommended one-year study process. 

The next APR working group meeting will be the week of April 18th (Angie will send a doodle).

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