Activity report for the week of August 23 – 29

Salon Discovery

The Salon Discovery program was finalized at a meeting early in the week, and the event promises to be both hugely entertaining and enlightening.   “NMSU Astronomy: Clyde Tombaugh and Beyond” will take place at 7:30 p.m., September 18, in the Atkinson Recital Hall.  My thanks to Dr. Tim Ketelaar for his hard work, and his commitment to helping the Las Cruces community understand the exciting work going on at NMSU.

Engineering Dean’s Advisory Council

It was a great pleasure to meet with the Engineering Dean’s Advisory Council and bring them up to date on initiatives at NMSU, including the Student Success Navigator Program and the Aggie Pathway to the Baccalaureate.

New Faculty Reception

The President and I, along with all the college deans, welcomed new faculty to NMSU at a reception at the University Residence held on Tuesday afternoon. This reinstatement of a long-time tradition at NMSU is part of a larger effort to welcome new faculty members to NMSU and help them feel connected to the university community.

Maestro 2.0

Later this semester a new and improved version of Maestro will be make its appearance at NMSU.  My thanks to Dr. Luis Vazquez and his team, Michelle Gavin, Ed Ezenisek, Sue Bonar, Nellie Guezado-Aragon, and Abel Sanchez for their good work on the upgrade and for an excellent demonstration of the new program.

New Mexico Provosts

On Friday morning, all seven Provosts of New Mexico universities got together in a conference call to discuss general education and dual credit issues. There is general agreement that it is time to revise the general education core curriculum to make it more purposeful in imparting the skills essential for lifelong learning and success in the workplace, such as: critical thinking, complex reasoning, effective communication, quantitative literacy, an appreciation for diversity, and ethical reasoning.  Our dual credit discussion focused on the need for a more realistic funding model and for better guidance on courses that should be offered as dual credit.

Ride for the 4-H Clover

I spent the weekend in northern New Mexico trailing, and envying, the motorcyclists participating in the third annual Ride for the 4-H Clover.  Although I was confined to a truck, it was still a lovely weekend, highlighted by the stunning scenery of northern New Mexico and the wonderful enthusiasm and poise of our 4-H youth.  Congratulations and thanks to Board of Regents Chair Mike Cheney for sponsoring and promoting the event, and to the Cooperative Extension Service leadership and staff for their good work, not only this weekend, but every day.

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