Activity report from week of September 13 – 19

University Teaching Committee

The University Teaching Committee (UTC) will be working closely with the Student Success Navigators this year to help the Navigators be more effective at providing tips for classroom success.  At a joint meeting of the UTC and the Navigators, we discussed the role members of the UTC would play in mentoring Navigators and I asked the UTC to pay special attention to helping the Navigators understand effective intervention strategies for students showing signs of distress (not coming to class, not completing assignments, struggling with exams).  I also asked the UTC to prepare a one-page handout on strategies for success in the classroom that can be distributed by Navigators to their advisees.

Domenici Public Policy Conference

On Wednesday, I attended the Domenici Public Policy Conference, which seems to get better every year.  Although all the talks were excellent, I was especially interested in the talk given by Governor Hunt of North Carolina, who discussed the strategies he used during his 16 years as governor to build the economy of North Carolina.  In short, he invested in the research universities of North Carolina, in public schools and community colleges, in early childhood education, and he established a Board of Science, Technology, and Innovation.  The result, one of the most robust state economies in the United States, speaks for itself and serves as an eloquent testament to the importance of education and research in stimulating economic development.

Leadership New Mexico

At the end of the week, I traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico to participate in the 2015-2016 Class of Leadership New Mexico.  My principal reason for participating in this program is to become better informed with regard to major policy issues in the state.

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