Activity report from week of November 8 – 14

Military and Veterans Appreciation Week

Last week was Military and Veterans Appreciation week at NMSU.  It began with a brief ceremony in front of Memorial Tower and included a picnic, a banquet, a film presentation, informational day presentations, and a Recruiters Day.  I congratulate the many people who worked so hard to ensure that our military students, and our veteran students, faculty, and staff felt like they were part of a caring community.  I am particularly grateful to Dr. Ken Hacker and Jacobo Varela for their leadership in this initiative.

Millionaire Reception

The Millionaire Reception at the Fulton Center on Wednesday night honored principal investigators who brought in one million dollars or more during the 2015 fiscal year.  The projects of the investigators ranged from basic research, to teaching programs, to community engagement programs.  I extend my congratulations to all the honorees. You help make NMSU a very special place to work.

General Education Taskforce

The General Education Taskforce met for the second time on Friday morning.  It immediately broke into smaller groups to consider the question, “What content knowledge and transferable skills should all graduates of NMSU possess.”  The discussion in my group was thoughtful, animated, and rich.  I look forward to our next meeting, at which each of the members of my small group will present his/her list of skills and content knowledge, and we will seek consensus on a list that can be presented to the larger group in December.

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