Activity report from week of January 17 – 23

Spring Semester Convocation

The most important activity of the week for me was Spring Semester Convocation.  Convocation provides the Chancellor and me with an opportunity to speak to the NMSU community and set the tone for the upcoming semester, but more importantly, it allows us to recognize and congratulate faculty, staff, and students for extraordinary achievement.  My comments were brief and focused on thanking faculty and staff for their strong support of the new retention initiatives that were put in place in the fall 2015 semester. Reporting of grades six weeks into the semester for 100 and 200 level courses exceeded 90%, QuickConnect referrals of students showing signs of distress went from 252 in Spring of 2015 to 998 in fall of 2015, and many faculty members actively intervened with students who were not doing well in class.  It is this kind of support for our students that truly makes NMSU a “A Caring Community Transforming Lives Through Discovery.”

Spring Convocation Award Winners

Simply listing award winners recognized at Spring Semester Convocation does not do justice to them and to their many accomplishments, but space limitation prohibits me from doing more. Congratulations to

  • Donald C. Roush Award Winners: Geno Picchioni, William Corbett, Michèle Shuster, Carlos Santos, Henrietta Williams Pichon, Sukumar Brahma, Maria Gurrola, James Gallagher, Yaxi Zhao, Susan Pinkerton, and Kathleen O’Connor;
  • Community Engagement Award Winners: Denise Rodriguez-Strawn, Lois Stanford, Courtney Gavin, and Kristen Sprouse;
  • Presidential Medallion Winners: James Bullock and Gerald Burke;
  • Regents Professorship Winners: David Boje, Martha Desmond, Thomas Dormody, and Tom Smith.

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