Activity Report for week of March 20 – March 26


I spent Monday through Wednesday at Wright State University as a member of a Higher Learning Commission Assurance Review team.  Wright State University is a public university near Dayton, Ohio, that is similar in many respects to New Mexico State University. An on-site visit allows one to gain a deep understanding of another institution of higher education and, in my case, helps to inform my thinking regarding research, teaching, and service initiatives at NMSU.

General Education Taskforce

The NMSU General Education taskforce met early on Thursday morning at the Teaching Academy for a second round of discussion about essential content.  There is a good consensus in the committee about essential content, but after a vigorous discussion we determined that general education at NMSU should center on essential skills and that content courses should map onto these essential skills.  Over the course of the next month, we will begin to discuss curriculum models that are purposeful with regard to producing graduates of NMSU that possess these essential skills.

Salon Discovery

At the end of the day on Thursday, I attended Salon Discovery: Enchantment for the Mind, at the Yates Theatre in Domenici Hall.  The three talks given over the course of 90 minutes were dynamic, engaging, and completely delightful.  Congratulations to the speakers -Dr. Michael Hout, Dr. Collin Payne, and Dr. Mary O’Connell, who all did a marvelous job of making their research programs accessible, intriguing, and entertaining.  Special thanks are due to Dr. Tim and Chris Erickson for organizing the program.

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