Telling our Story

provost-dan-howardA couple of recent events have underscored for me the very real affection that our alumni have for NMSU.  The first was the Student Success Summit, at which three alumni—Joe Lujan, Jed Fanning, and Mike Rogers—spent two of their valuable days leading discussions devoted to retention, graduating on time, getting a job, and giving back.  Their high regard for the university, and the quality of the education they received, set the tone for meaningful discussions of strategies that would help NMSU move forward on a number of student success fronts.  The second event occurred this past weekend when 125 NMSU alums and friends rode their motorcycles for hundreds of miles across the northern part of the state to support NMSU and its 4-H Programs.  Their enthusiasm for the university and its programs was inspiring, as was their energy.  Aggies never forget how to have a good time!

Lest anyone doubt the high regard our students have for NMSU and the education they receive here, consider the results of the 2015-2016 Graduating Student Survey.  More than 2,000 students, 69% of our graduates, responded to the survey.  Ninety-five percent of the students were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the quality of the intellectual challenge in their degree programs.  Ninety-five percent were also “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the quality of instruction outside the major, while 96% were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the quality of instruction in the major.

Numbers like these, and our wonderful alumni, tell the real story of NMSU.  Thank you for everything you do to make this one of the great universities in this country.

With all best wishes,


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