Activity Report for Week of August 27 – September 2

  • I traveled to Albuquerque on Wednesday of last week to attend the Hispanic Scholarship Fund dinner.  This gave me an opportunity to learn more about the fund, which is the largest scholarship fund devoted to students of Hispanic heritage in the country.  The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is now administering the Gates Millenium Scholarship, which selects 1,000 of the top Pell eligible students from underrepresented groups each year, and provides these students with financial support for unmet need.  Students making satisfactory academic progress can renew the award each year, and those going into specific fields can have their graduate studies supported as well.
  • I attended the Faculty Senate meeting on Thursday afternoon.  This promises to be an eventful year in the senate with a number of important issues scheduled to be addressed, including: promotion and tenure rules; post-tenure review rules; and, annual performance evaluation rules. The senate is fortunate to have strong, experienced leadership, and I look forward to working with Dr. Christopher Brown and Dr. Rolfe Sassenfeld on these and other issues.
  • On Friday, I traveled to Albuquerque to attend the General Education Statewide Steering Committee meeting.  At this meeting, we discussed learning outcomes for five essential skills and six content areas.  Members of the committee were given a week to provide feedback to the committees drafting the learning outcomes.  The committees will have a week to respond to these comments.  Although the learning outcomes are not yet in final form, they are in advanced enough form to make them available to the university and college faculties of the state and begin receiving feedback.  You can access the learning outcomes at to the Outcomes tab at review learning outcomes relevant to your interests and discipline.  You can comment on, and suggest revisions to, the learning outcomes by sending an email to  My office will ensure that all your comments and suggested revisions are passed on to the group responsible for a particular learning outcome.  Please make sure that your message clearly identifies the essential skill or content area on which you are commenting.

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