Activity Report for Week of September 24 – September 30

  • In a Monday meeting with academic department heads we discussed summer teaching and how to better incentivize it. At the meeting, I noted that about a decade ago central administration of NMSU transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars to the colleges to cover the cost of teaching summer school courses because colleges wanted to have more control over summer course scheduling.  Through time, changes in college leadership, and commingling of funds, the transfers have largely been forgotten, and colleges wonder why they are being asked to cover the cost of summer courses when the tuition dollars are used as a revenue source for the university’s overall budget.  Recognizing the need to reinvigorate summer school teaching, the university established a new incentive program last fall; however, many of the department heads were unaware of the incentives.  Angela Throneberry and I will meet with a small group of department heads in the coming weeks to discuss our current incentive program and the incentive ideas of the heads.  A robust summer teaching program is in the best interests of our students and NMSU as we try to help students complete their studies in as short of a time period as possible.
  • On Wednesday evening, I had the pleasure of joining Interim Dean Enrico Pontelli, on a tour the News22 newsroom and production facility, as well as watch a live newscast. This is a student production from top to bottom, with expert mentoring and advising by News Director Nick Miller, and his team.  The students did a very professional job of getting the news on the air, even with the added pressure of the Dean and the Provost looking over their shoulders.  My thanks and gratitude to the students for allowing me to gain a better understanding of what they do to produce a news broadcast three days a week.  Thanks also to Associate Professor Roger Mellen, Professor Hwiman Chung, and Interim Associate Vice President Glen Cerny for hosting our visit.

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