Activity Report for Week of October 1 – October 7

  • Homecoming for me began with a Celebration of Traditions at Memorial Tower, continued with a Homecoming Parade ride on “Dutch” (one of NMSU’s wonderful therapeutic horses), and ended with a victory over University of Louisiana, Lafayette. All in all, a memorable day.
  • On Monday, I met with the Southern New Mexico Healthcare Coalition to discuss the expansion of the Nursing Program at NMSU. Expansion will be expensive and will have to include a discussion of a differential tuition model for students in our Nursing Program.
  • On Tuesday, I traveled to Albuquerque for a meeting of the General Education Statewide Steering Committee. It was a productive meeting, as we reached agreement on the curriculum for 18 credit hours of the new general education core.
  • Later, in the evening, I met with Don Levy and a group of representatives from the NMSU system to discuss the Creative Campus, a proposed development in the Arrowhead Research Center, where a variety of creative endeavors from film to games will take shape. Don was clearly enthusiastic about the Creative Campus, but noted that movie and television productions alone could not support the construction and maintenance of a sound stage.
  • On Thursday, I attended FLSA supervisor training. Kathy Agnew and Ralph Lucero did a masterful job of explaining federal rules and NMSU union rules that must be followed in supervising non-exempt employees.
  • On Friday evening I attended the annual fundraising dinner of the Cowboys for Cancer Research and thanked them for their support of Cancer Research at NMSU and UNM. It was a special pleasure to acknowledge the hard work of Denny and Geraldine Calhoun, who have so ably led this charity for years.

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