Activity Report for Week of October 22 – October 28

  • On Monday, October 24, I spent the afternoon with the Regents Student Success Committee listening to presentations on a variety of initiatives underway at NMSU designed to improve student success. The goal of the meeting was to obtain a better understanding of these initiatives and begin considering which ones might be scaled up to reach a larger number of students.
  • On Tuesday’s meeting of the Academic Dean’s Council, one of the topics of discussion was Rule 5.14 on faculty credentials. As noted in a previous Provost’s Post, faculty credentials have become a focus of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and it is important that NMSU has a policy in place consistent with the expectations of HLC.  One of the most important tasks ahead of us is designing an exceptions policy in each college that is consistent with the expectation that faculty members teaching courses at the collegiate level have kept pace with the scholarship in their fields.
  • On Wednesday, I chaired a meeting of the Statewide General Education Steering Committee at which we discussed our curriculum model. We believe that the model will be ready for statewide dissemination and comment by the second week of November.
  • On Friday, I spent most of the day with Dr. Tim Renick discussing how to re-design the public research university to better serve its students, who are increasingly low income and first generation. My Provost’s Post for this week focuses on some lessons learned over the course of the day.

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