Activity Report for Week of February 4 – February 10

  • Early Monday morning, the Chancellor and I met with Faculty Senate Chair Chris Brown and Faculty Senate Vice Chair Rolfe Sassenfeld to discuss the composition of Team 6, the Transforming NMSU Team that will examine the administrative structure of our academic departments. We agreed that faculty members will be in the majority on the committee and that the names of potential members will be forwarded to the Office of the Provost this week by Deans of Colleges.  The Chancellor, Provost, Faculty Senate Chair, and Faculty Senate Vice Chair will then meet, discuss the nominees, and select the team members.  The goal will be to identify well-respected faculty members with a reputation for getting things done.
  • At the Student Life Committee meeting on Tuesday, we discussed the role of the Office of the Dean of Students in sponsoring activities that connect all students to the NMSU campus, not just the students in our campus residences. We also discussed the First Year Residential Experience exemption process.  The exemption process seems to be working well and most exemption requests are being approved in a timely fashion.  Finally, we discussed the importance of publicizing the First Year Residency Requirement and the fact that local students who wish to live at home can still do so.
  • The Statewide General Education Steering Committee met in Albuquerque to discuss feedback on the General Education model that has been received from faculty members across the state. A lot of the concerns focus on the complexity of the model and a sub-committee has been tasked with developing an alternative model that will accomplish the same aims, but be easier to understand and implement.

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