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provost-dan-howardNMSU has a long tradition of reaching out to high school juniors and seniors in our region, who have demonstrated an interest in going to college by taking the ACT or SAT, and sending them information about the university via mail and email. However, it is only over the course of the past three years that NMSU Las Cruces has begun investing money in traditional and digital advertising to raise awareness about NMSU and attract students from a broader geographic region.
This year NMSU Las Cruces will invest about one million dollars in this advertising effort. The target areas are New Mexico, El Paso, Arizona, Colorado, Southern California, and Mexico. The advertising methods are online/digital, outdoor/billboards, movie theatres, malls, and Pandora radio. The visual advertisements, which have been designed by University Marketing and Communications, share a bold crimson and white design intended to make them stand out from other advertisements.
An advantage of digital advertising is that one can measure the effectiveness of the advertising in generating real interest in NMSU. The good news here is that our advertising resonates with potential students, particularly in New Mexico and El Paso, where the conversion rate (number of form completions/number of ad clicks) exceeds education industry benchmarks. 
As important as these advertising efforts are in raising awareness about NMSU Las Cruces and its strong educational programs, the most effective way of converting interest into enrollment is the campus visit. This is particularly true for NMSU Las Cruces, which has the most beautiful campus in New Mexico and a faculty and staff clearly committed to student success. This year, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, in collaboration with the academic colleges, expanded our open house (called Aggie Experience) for prospective students from two events to three, and this expansion has received an enthusiastic response. Our most recent event, held on February 20, was filled to capacity. 
One signal that our advertising and outreach efforts are paying off is that undergraduate applications and admissions to NMSU Las Cruces have increased over last year. As we get closer to the fall semester, more of our marketing efforts will be devoted to promoting campus visits, orientations, and priority deadlines for incoming students. We know that the more students learn about NMSU, the more connected they feel, and the more likely they are to join the Aggie family.

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