Activity Report for Week of April 8 – April 14

  • The week began with fundraising training for deans and department heads. I provided a welcome, noting that our alumni are increasingly interested in supporting programs rather than bricks and mortar.  Deans and department heads play a critical role in fundraising, helping donors peek under the hood of the university and providing them with insight into the various programs and initiatives in departments and colleges that are worthy of their support.
  • The week ended with a meeting of Team 6.  The team listened to presentations from Deans Don Pope-Davis and Enrico Pontelli.  Dean Pope-Davis and Dr. Azadeh Osanloo provided insights into the process by which the College of Education is consolidating its academic departments from five departments into three schools.  Dean Pontelli noted that it would be difficult to re-organize the College of Arts and Sciences into a smaller number of departments.  Although some departments are small, they operate well—the faculty are productive and the degree programs are high quality.  Consolidations may lead to conflicts that would undermine good working environments.  Moreover, the physical layout of the college, many departments are housed in individual buildings, represents a challenge to consolidation.  After the presentation from the deans, the team discussed data needs and the importance of keeping the purpose of team six in sight—to identify administrative changes that will provide budgetary relief while maintaining or improving our academic mission.  Faculty Senate Chair Chris Brown will send a message to the faculty later this week detailing what Team 6 is, and is not, doing.

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