Activity Report for Week of April 15 – April 21

  • On Wednesday, I spoke at the Academy for Learning in Retirement Reception held at the Fulton Center. My talk centered on funding for higher education in the state of New Mexico and the impact of the governor’s veto of the budget for higher education on the state’s colleges and universities.  I then discussed the development of other sources of revenue for NMSU and the importance of recruitment and retention of students for the long-term fiscal health of the university.  Among the retention efforts I highlighted were the: Aggie Pathway to the Baccalaureate, predictive analytics and centralized advising, and the new first year residency requirement.  Many of the questions after the talk focused on athletics and its role at the university.
  • On Thursday, I met with Dr. Jennifer Hodges and Interim Dean Enrico Pontelli to discuss centralized advising and how to ensure the transfer of individuals from the College of Arts and Sciences to the Advising Center does not cripple the college’s ability to recruit students and maintain records. The dean and I both noted that, unlike other colleges, the College of Arts and Sciences does not have any recruiters.  One way of getting around this limitation is stronger collaboration among colleges in recruiting.  Another way forward is the development of a stronger partnership between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.
  • On Friday, I met with the department heads of the College of Arts and Sciences to discuss the budget situation within the university and the state, and a wide range of other topics including enrollment, the move to centralized advising, Team Six, and the process by which the new basketball coach was hired.
  • After that department heads meeting, I met with other department heads from across the university and discussed a similar suite of issues.

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