Activity Report for Week of August 19 – August 25

On Monday, August 21, I met with the Aggie Pathway team to discuss numbers, the upcoming year, and how best to meet the needs of students in the Aggie Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program.  In its second year, the program has grown to more than 650 students on the NMSU Dona Ana campus, a very gratifying result. The learning communities continue to fill and one of our challenges going forward will be scheduling enough of these to satisfy demand. It was a pleasure to acknowledge the good work of the team that has worked so hard to make this program a success.  Many thanks to Danielle Staley,  Michelle Guzman-Armijo, Brad Mazdra, Monica Torres, Rafael Delgado, David Burleson, and Greg Fant.

On Tuesday at noon, I was the speaker at the regular meeting of the Rio Grande Rotary Club, a group that really knows how to have a good time. I enjoyed sharing many good news items with them, including our more than 11 percent growth in first year students, the large increase in branch transfers to the NMSU campus, and the large increase in size of the Aggie Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program.

Much of my week was occupied by regularly scheduled meetings, such as the Academic Deans Council, but increasingly I am clearing my schedule so that I have time to work on our HLC Assurance Argument.  Thanks to the good work of Shelly Stovall and her team, the Assurance Argument is in good shape.  Nevertheless, given the importance of accreditation to NMSU (and all American universities), it is critical that I, and other members of the NMSU community carefully read, edit, and revise the document.

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