HLC Assurance Argument

provost-dan-howardWith the questions surrounding the Chancellor’s contract now settled, it is important that both he and I focus our attention on the next 10 months and do everything possible to ensure the continued advancement of NMSU. Of the various issues and initiatives that continue to call for our attention, none is more important than the HLC Assurance review that will take place on November 13thand 14th, and the completion of our HLC Assurance Argument, which must be finalized by the first of October.
I want to thank everyone who has taken time over the course of the past month to read various parts of the Assurance Argument and provide comments, revisions, and evidence.  Your input has been invaluable.  If you have not yet read the Assurance Argument, but plan to, time is getting short.  At this point, the most helpful input would be clearly written evidentiary statements that can take the place of evidentiary statements that miss the mark or focus on evidence that you see as weak.
For my part, I spent much of the last week and all of the Labor Day weekend reading the entire Assurance Argument and making changes intended to strengthen the document.  Overall, the Assurance Argument is in good shape, although I could not resist providing some new evidentiary statements and tweaking some language. 
The major work still in front of Shelly Stovall and her team is linking documents and other pieces of evidence to the Assurance Argument.  This is a massive undertaking and I am grateful to everyone who is helping with this effort.  If you receive a request for help from this team, I trust that you will recognize the importance of the request and its time sensitivity, and that you will do everything possible to provide assistance to the team.
Although no Assurance Argument, including NMSU’s, will ever be mistaken for a “good read”, spending time working on the document, and reading about the good work that has taken place here for more than a century, makes one proud of this institution and its life-changing impact on thousands of people. There can be no doubt that NMSU is truly a great university.
With all best wishes,


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