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provost-dan-howardAs many of you know, a Statewide General Education Steering Committee has been meeting since February of 2016 to revitalize general education in New Mexico. About eight months ago, I wrote to the faculty of the NMSU system and asked you to review the curriculum model developed by the committee, as well as the learning outcomes associated with the model. As a result of your feedback, and feedback from faculties across the state, the statewide committee revised the curriculum model, making it simpler and easier to implement.

The model still includes six content areas and five essential skills, but it no longer divides courses into foundational and reinforcing courses. A strong focus on essential skills remains one of the defining characteristics of the curriculum envisioned by the statewide steering committee, a focus that is consistent with the LEAP (Liberal Education and America’s Promise) initiative of the American Association of Universities and Colleges. In addition to simplifying the curriculum model, the committee has also revised learning outcomes based on your feedback.

I am using this week’s Provost’s Post to again ask for your feedback, this time on the revised general education curriculum as well as on the revised learning outcomes, both of which can be found here. This link takes you to a page that contains a link to the general education curriculum recommended by the statewide steering committee, and a link to learning outcomes associated with the content areas and the essential skills.

You can comment on, and suggest revisions to, the learning outcomes and the curriculum model at the website. There is no deadline for receiving feedback, but your views will be more useful to the committee if they are received by November 1, 2017. My office will ensure that all your comments and suggested revisions are passed on to the statewide steering committee and to the group responsible for a particular learning outcome.

I, along with the Statewide General Education Steering Committee, am grateful for the many thoughtful comments and suggestions that were submitted in response to the earlier request for feedback. We look forward to another robust response to this request for feedback.

With all best wishes,


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