Activity Report for Week of September 16 – September 22

On Tuesday, September 19, I met with the NMSU General Education Taskforce to discuss the revised general education curriculum proposed by the Statewide General Education Steering Committee.  Concern was expressed about the need to associate three essential skills with each course, which was seen by some as too many to be taught well in a single course.  Another focus of discussion was the first year seminars, which will be piloted next fall.  There was concern that the proposal process required too much work, especially if the outcome for many proposals would be rejection.  Requiring a one page pre-proposal from faculty with a limited number of faculty invited to submit a full proposal was seen as a more efficient process.

On Thursday and Friday, I traveled with members of Team 6 to Arizona State University where we met with faculty and administrators to learn more about the academic administrative structure of the university. ASU has a complex structure with faculties, schools, centers, and institutes embedded into colleges. The visit allowed us to better understand the structure; the reasoning behind the structure; the impact of re-structuring on costs and interdisciplinary interactions; and how changes were introduced to, and accepted by, the faculty. The meetings were extraordinarily cordial and productive.

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