Activity Report for Week of March 24 – March 29

At the NMSU General Education Taskforce meeting on Monday, March 26, we continued the discussion of how NMSU would respond to the new General Education guidelines from the state of New Mexico. At an earlier meeting, we had agreed that we would add a third communication course to the new state requirement for only two. At this meeting, we agreed to add a second course in the sciences or social sciences to the requirements, and we discussed the feasibility of requiring a first year seminar. I will call the Higher Education Department to determine whether they will provide us with some flexibility in approving first year seminars and an extended phase-in period for these courses.

On Wednesday, I attended the Regents Strategic Investment Summit and presented proposals for differential tuition from several departments and one college of NMSU. The proposals were well crafted and elicited many comments and questions from the audience as well as from the Regents. Nevertheless, all of the proposals require more careful consideration of messaging, timing, and implementation.

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