Honors College Dean job posting

New Mexico State University invites nominations and applications for the position of Dean of the William Conroy Honors College, the first Honors College in the state of New Mexico, to commence as soon as feasible but ideally no later than July 1, 2020.  Our Honors College is a nurturing liberal arts college embedded within the larger university.  It is the most inclusive Honors College in the state, as admission is based solely on academic success and not a separate application and admission process. In keeping with our Land-grant, Space-grant, and HSI missions, we believe all high-achieving students should have all the opportunities that the Honors College has to offer.  


The full job posting, which can be found here, will be open until March 2, 2020: https://webcomm.nmsu.edu/hire/honors-college-dean/.  Confidential inquiries are welcomed and may be submitted to the Search Committee Chair, Dr. James Hoffman, Dean of the College of Business, at hcdeansearch@nmsu.edu.  Nominations are invited and the may be submitted at https://webcomm.nmsu.edu/hire/honors-college-dean/honors-college-candidate-nomination/.   To be considered all applications must be submitted online at: https://jobs.nmsu.edu/postings/37653.

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