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Kudos to the NMSU Teaching Academy

On Monday, April 30, I, along with many faculty in the NMSU system, attended the Teaching Academy Gala. As always, it was a delightful event, and it was an honor to participate, say a few words, and partner with Tara Gray in giving out several awards to very deserving faculty from across the NMSU system….
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WALF 2018

I attended my last meeting of the Western Academic Leadership Forum (WALF), which was held in Vancouver, Washington, last week. WALF brings together chief academic officers from across the western United States to discuss the wide range of issues and challenges confronting higher education in our region. We touched on many topics during the two…
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An Early Graduation Ceremony

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of delivering the keynote address to the American Indian Program Spring Graduation Recognition Ceremony. The ceremony celebrated students who have participated in the American Indian Program at NMSU and will be graduating this spring. It was a very meaningful event (great job Michael Ray and Britney Stout!), and…
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General Education News at NMSU

The New Mexico State University General Education Taskforce has largely finished its work, which over the past few months has concentrated on bringing NMSU’s general education curriculum in line with the new state requirements scheduled to go into effect in the fall of 2019. The curriculum model that will be recommended to the Faculty Senate…
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Writing to Think

When I arrived at my undergraduate institution more than 40 years ago, choosing a major was easy for me. I was fascinated by biology, thanks in no small part to Mr. Bailey, a wonderful teacher at my small high school, and I was fairly certain that as a science major I would not be asked…
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Spring in Las Cruces

As I walked with my two dogs through the fields and pecan orchards of Mesilla on Spring Holiday Friday, with the magnificent Organ Mountains in the background, I could not help but reflect on the wonderful quality of life we enjoy in the Las Cruces area. Part of the charm is the environment. Although not…
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If It’s March, My Office is Full of Boxes

Last Friday, I finished reading the last of 77 promotion and tenure files sent to me by the colleges and branch campuses of NMSU. Although it is always a relief to move the last box of files from my office to the office of Melody Munson-McGee, I do not begrudge the time I spend poring…
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NMSU San Luis Potosi

At the Board of Regents Meeting on March 6, the Board agreed to sign a letter of intent with a group of investors in Mexico to explore the possibility of opening an NMSU branch campus in San Luis Potosi City. As the Mexico economy continues to strengthen and Mexico emerges as a global economic force,…
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Shared Governance

One of the unique characteristics of institutions of higher education is “shared governance,” a form of governance that must be in place to meet criteria for accreditation. This model divides governance responsibilities among three groups—the governing board, the administration, and the faculty—and expects each of them to honor the boundaries of their responsibilities, even as…
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Reaffirmation of Accreditation

On February 20, NMSU received word from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) that the Institutional Actions Council of HLC continued the accreditation of NMSU with the next reaffirmation of accreditation in 2027-28. In so doing, the Council accepted the report of the HLC review team that visited NMSU in November and concluded in a 111-page…
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