Westhafer Award Committee

The purpose of the Westhafer Award Committee (WAC) is to obtain nominations from faculty and staff, screen nominees, and select winner of this award—for either teaching, research, or creative scholarship.

The composition will be one member from each college except Arts and Sciences, which has a representative from the humanities and social sciences and a representative from the natural and physical sciences.

Members are nominated by the dean of each college and appointed by the provost.  Members serve three-year staggered terms.

Committee Members

Name Department End of Term
*Second Term
 Sue Forster-Cox  Public Health Sciences  May 2019
 Barry Thatcher  English Department -Chair  May 2017
 Jeanne Gleason  Agricultural Communications  May 2016
 William Gould*  Economics & International Business  May 2017
 Deborah Rhein  SPED/CD Department  May 2017
 Martha Mitchell  Chemical and Materials Engineering  May 2017
 William Quintana  Chemistry/Biochemistry  May 2018