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Religious Observances

To: ABCD Distribution, All-Faculty

From: Carol Parker, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs

Subject: Religious Observances 

I encourage all faculty and staff to be fair and sensitive to students who wish to participate in religious observances celebrated by their various spiritual communities when that participation may affect class attendance or work schedules.

Members of the InterFaith Council and others in Student Affairs and Enrollment Management have recommended web sites that contain information to assist faculty in responding to students who ask for accommodation in order to celebrate specific observances:
(Most commonly celebrated observances by month)
(Includes upcoming years, and less well-known observances)

Please also see the attached message from the American Indian Program office, which addresses the issue of recognizing American Indian religious and spiritual observances.

If you have specific questions not resolved via these general web sites, please contact a member of the InterFaith Council ( or the Office of Institutional Equity.

Please also take these various religious observances and high holy days into consideration as you organize conferences, workshops, and other events for students and colleagues.

Thank you.