Academic Program Transition from Face-to-face to Distance Education RequestCurriculum Change
New Degree FormCurriculum Change
New Major FormCurriculum Change
New Minor FormCurriculum Change
New Concentration FormCurriculum Change
Undergraduate Curriculum Change FormCurriculum Change
Graduate Curriculum Change FormCurriculum Change
Community College Curriculum Change FormCurriculum Change
Procedural Steps for Retroactive Course Registration ChangesRetroactive Course Registration Changes
Provost Remarks Request FormPresentation Request
Contract Status Dossier Review FormPromotion and Tenure
College Track Faculty PromotionPromotion and Tenure
Promotion and Tenure Portfolio ChecklistPromotion and Tenure
Academic Position Management ProceduresPosition Management
Faculty Change/New Position RequestPosition Management
Consulting/Outside Employment Disclosure and Approval FormPosition Management
Document Review and Recommendation FormDocument Approval
Faculty Position RequestPosition Management
Faculty Position Request InstructionsPosition Management
Spring Faculty Position Review Memorandum (2/17/2017)Position Management
Alternative Appointment ProceduresAlternative Placement
Alternative Appointment for Faculty and Professional Staff Request FormAlternative Placement
Request to Fill a Vacant Position or Create A New PositionStaff Personnel Actions (Non I & G Staff)
All forms and memoranda are located on the Budget Office Web Site.Staff Moratorium on Personnel Actions (I & G Staff)
Annual Teaching Performance Review (ATPR) Evaluation FormTo be completed by Part-time and Temporary Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants who are identified as the instructor of record for any given courseAnnual Teaching Performance Review (ATPR) of
Part-time and Temporary Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants
Annual Teaching Performance Review (ATPR) SUPERVISOR Evaluation FormPart-time and Temporary Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants
Teaching Practices InventoryPart-time and Temporary Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants
Approval Process – Applied Associate degrees & Community College Certificates v2015Academic Processes and Procedures
Dual Credit Master AgreementDual Credit
Dual Credit Informed ConsentDual Credit