Meta Majors: Work in Progress and Background Reading

On February 8, Vice President Bernadette Montoya and Provost Howard met with the Council of Academic Advisors and discussed a wide range of issues, although the major focus was on meta-majors.  Meta-majors are groups of majors that share a common early pathway toward a degree, diverging as a student becomes more focused on an individual major.  By identifying a limited number of meta-majors that encompass all the majors at NMSU, and helping students who are unsure about a major choose a meta-major consistent with their interests, we can help ensure that courses taken early in a collegiate career will count toward a degree, thereby lessening the academic wandering that can impede student success.  Over the course of the next month, Vice President Montoya and Provost Howard will work with the Council of Academic Advisors and the Associate Deans Academic Council to identify the meta-majors appropriate for the degree programs at NMSU.

Revised draft of meta majors proposal, March 7, 2016

Draft of meta majors proposal for NMSU, from meeting on February 18, 2016

Rationale for meta-majors

From Compete College America (CCA)

From Educational Advisory Board (in conjunction with CCA, a comprehensive approach to guided pathways)

Meta Majors in Practice

From Rhode Island College

From Austin Peay University

Arizona State University’s version of guided pathways (implemented “eAdvisor” that automatically identifies and notifies students when they are “off track” towards graduation)

Overview of Georgia State reform efforts

University of Houston reform efforts (Seven colleges are implementing an MOU to coordinate reform efforts — site details how they will accomplish this).