Faculty Fellows for Digital Learning

Faculty fellows will create a community of teachers and help establish a culture of idea exchange about preparing and teaching courses that are hybrid and fully online. The nine ambassadors will serve the needs of their designated colleges by collaborating with Digital Learning and the Teaching Academy. Fellows will facilitate workshops in both synchronous and asynchronous formats to best support the needs of their colleagues. These efforts will be extended throughout the semester to ensure workshop principles are applied to courses being offered. This is a pilot program that we hope proves successful. If so, the goal is to continue to sponsor a cohort of fellows/ambassadors every year.

Upcoming Workshop:



Engage Students Online Using Zoom and Canvas

January 19-22, 2021

Online via Canvas

Faculty Fellows

Betsy Stringam

Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza

Cat Jonet

Marija Dimitrijevic

Michele Shuster

Carol Flinchbaugh

Julia Parra

Paul Furth

Conni DeBlieck