Faculty Role in Student Success

There is growing appreciation of the myriad ways faculty play a role in student outcomes and success. Traditionally this role is largely understood and appreciated in the context of (1) faculty advising and mentoring of their students, and (2) in the context of now they deliver their courses, i.e., and the instructional pedagogies appropriate for the outcomes and mode of instructional delivery. More recently it is becoming evident that, (3) how faculty develop programs of study, learning outcomes, curriculum, and course sequencing (roadmaps), can have and equal, if not even greater, impact on student outcomes and student success.

NMSU is actively pursuing several initiatives to better support faculty in optimizing all of the roles they play in influencing student outcomes and student success:



Navigate is a retention and persistence tool designed to help NMSU faculty and advisors support our students on their journey towards graduation. Navigate facilitates a holistic approach to supporting our students across the NMSU system by enhancing our ability to communicate with students, access to data analytics, coordinated ways to partner across the university, and more targeted student interventions. Navigate creates a connected and coordinated network of support across campus for every undergraduate student, enabling targeted interventions and proactive outreach by creating one large student record with student information, appointment scheduling, campus resource referrals, early alerts, and data analysis to help inform our practice.

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Curricular Analytics

It has long been known that what occurs in the classroom – how a course is delivered – has a major impact on student outcomes. Increasingly, it is also evident that how faculty structure the curriculum itself – how courses required for degree completion are sequenced and how recommended student workloads are balanced each semester — can substantially impact student success including retention and graduation rates and time to degree.

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Faculty Development

To support faculty in their continuous development of instructional pedagogies tailored to achieve program and student learning outcomes, as well as understanding of optimal modes of instructional delivery, NMSU offers workshops and support through its Teaching Academy and Academic Technologies units. Recent projects include...[read more]


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Sponsored Research for Student Success

New Mexico State University has received grants from APLU and NSF to sponsor research on Student Success. Learn more about the projects and how they will aid in the success of our students.

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