Below is the latest version of a general education curriculum from the Statewide General Education Steering Committee.

Download 21-July-17-Skills-model.docx (DOCX, 14KB)

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Model Updated 3-2-2017

Download 02-March-7-Skills-model.docx (DOCX, 29KB)

Model Updated 1-6-2017

Download State-Model-01_6_17.pdf (PDF, 131KB)

Model Updated 12-8-2016

Download State-Model-12_8_16.docx (DOCX, 29KB)

Model Updated 11-12-2016

Download State-Model-11_12_16-updated.pdf (PDF, 130KB)

Comments from Steering Committee members

Response from Southern Group

Logic Model from NMMI

Central New Mexico Response

San Juan College Responses

Santa Fe Community College Response

NMSU Response: Model 2 Checklist

Group 3 Checklist
Models developed at June’s Steering Committee are available for view and commenting (please identify yourself in your comments). You can also download this for distribution. Please send any additional comments to by July 11 so they can be compiled for the July 14 meeting.

Download General-Education-Models.docx (DOCX, 385KB)