University Program Approval Committee (UPAC)

The University Program Approval Committee (UPAC) was created with the input of a Task Force led by Professor and Associate Dean, Tony Garcia, the formal passing of Faculty Senate Proposition 03-20/21, and its subsequent approval by the administration. The objective of the committee is to improve upon the previous academic program approval process. It is co-chaired by the ADAC chair, Dr. Joseph Lakey, and the Faculty Senate Vice Chair, Susan Beck and membership is by virtue of individuals’ roles.


Fall 2021 Update

The members of UPAC met during the Fall Semester to review proposals for new programs, concentrations and minors, as well as program modifications and inactivations. Individuals representing new programs and concentrations were invited to attend a meeeting to give a brief overview and justification for their proposal and to answer any questions from the committee members. 

In total, 3 new degree programs, 17 new concentrations, 6 new minors, and 81 program modifications were reviewed by the committee. 

Spring 2021 Update

The members of UPAC met on the third Thursday of each month during the Spring Semester to review new program and concentration proposals for majors and minors, as well as program modifications and inactivations. A total of 4 new minors, 7 new degree programs, 21 inactivations and 76 program modifications were reviewed. 

The committee will continue to meet through the summer to prepare for reviewing the next catalog cycle's proposals. 



Membership of UPAC.
Name Membership Representation Role
Carol Parker Academic Deans Council & ARP 4.81 Rule Administrator
Joe Lakey Associate Deans Academic Council Co-Chair
Mark Cal CC Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs
Susan Beck Faculty Senate  Co-Chair
Joe Tomaka Graduate Council 
Carol Flinchbaugh NMSU Graduate School Faculty Fellow
Sergio Madrid Aranda  Graduate Student Council
Kori Plank Registrar's Office Ex-Officio
Chris Sroka University Research Council 
Mathew Madrid ASNMSU
Sherry Kollmann Vice Provost for Digital Learning
Shelly Stovall Associate Provost for Accreditation & Program Development Ex-Officio
David Smith Associate Provost for Curriculum & Assessment Ex-Officio 
Lakshmi Reddi Dean's Representative
Name Membership Representation Role