Some forms are located on an Inside site and will require you to be on NMSU VPN or to log-in using your NMSU username and password to view.

Unless otherwise noted, forms that require a signature from the Office of the Provost will need to be sent to for proper receiving and routing for signature(s). Sending forms elsewhere can potentially cause a delay.

All availble forms and necessary documents from the Provost Office.
Form Information Subject
Alternative Appointment for Faculty and Professional Staff Request Form Alternative Placement
Annual Teaching Performance Review (ATPR) Evaluation Form To be completed by Part-time and temporary Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants who are identified as the instructor of record for any given course.  Annual Teaching Performance Review (ATPR)
Course & Program Proposals or Changes
Within the system approved users are able to modify program curriculum and route it electronically through the appropriate workflow.
*Note- for more information on the system please see the Course and Program Curriculum page.
Curriculum Forms
Non-Academic Contract Review & Recommendation Form

Fillable PDF document

Ensure contact information for the agreement liaison is included for approval or your agreement may be delayed.

Document Approval
Academic Contract Review & Recommendation Form

An electronic workflow system will automatically route the document for appropriate approval. 

Ensure contact information for the agreement liaison is included or approval for your agreement may be delayed.

Document Approval
Dual Credit Informed Consent Dual Credit
Dual Credit Master Agreement

PDF Version (Fillable)

Word Doc.

University General Counsel approved November 14, 2023.

Dual Credit
Annual Teaching Performance Review (ATPR) SUPERVISOR Evaluation Form Annual Teaching Performance Review (ATPR)
Teaching Practices Inventory Annual Teaching Performance Review (ATPR)
Consulting/Outside Employment Disclosure and Approval Form Position Management
Faculty Position Request Instruction Position Management
Alternative Appointment for Faculty and Professional Staff Request form Position Management
Remarks Request Form Remarks Request for Provost Presentation / Remarks Request
Promotion and Tenure Portfolio Checklist Promotion and Tenure
Contract Status Change Form Use this form for both tenure-track and college faculty promotions.  Promotion and Tenure
Procedural Steps for Retroactive Course Registration Changes Retroactive Course Registration Changes
All forms and memoranda are located on the Budget Office Web Site Staff Moratorium on Personnel Actions (I&G Staff)
International Travel (all forms) Completed and signed forms should be submitted to the Office of the Provost by emailing the PDF's to, or interdepartmental mailing to MSC 3445.  International Travel
Memorandum of Understanding Template 

The template MOU's are fillable. The partner's logo should be inserted by clicking on the box in the top right corner of the first page. 

Memorandum of Understanding
Provost Funding Request

Complete the fillable PDF and email the document to for approval.

Funding Request
Last updated on November 15, 2023.