• Mission and vision-driven; data informed
  • set high expectations (setting them high and not meeting them isn't as bad as setting them too low and meeting them).
  • Be student focused/centric to ensure that students receive the best learning experiences.
  • Be faculty/staff focused to do the best job possible given the available resources and constraints.
  • Respect the chain of responsibility and accountability – We must own our jobs.
  • Seek operational efficiencies in everything we do.
An NMSU Faculty member talking with students at the Forestry Research Center.
Members of the HEST College stand together at a Ribbon cutting for the college.

De-siloing through Communication, Collaboration, and Coordination

  • Commit to the elimination of "silos" between colleges, departments, and programs.
  • Promote open communication, collaboration, and coordination across the entire NMSU system.
  • Practice and commit to transparency and inclusivity.
  • If there is a concern on an issue, talk F2F and avoid email/text to communicate or resolve differences.

NMSU Culture & Community-Builiding

  • Be respectful and civil – respect everyone at every rank/position. Understand that nobody is here to cause pain or damage to anyone but we are here to do the best we can with what we have. And we are all humans and make mistakes - we should help to understand mistakes and work together to fix them and learn from them (e.g., avoid "pointing fingers" and criticizing).
  • Assume best intent at all times - We must assume good faith in those wen engage.
  • We will not personalize professional differences.
  • Practice constructive criticism that is solution-focused (i.e., if you bring a problem, bring a solution).
  • Disagree in the room, but not outside it - Behind closed doors the disagreements will be many and loud. When the doors are open, we must speak with one voice as a leadership team.
  • We discuss the issue on the table; with facts/data; without presumption that anyone is attacking another person, personalities, or positions; openly and without fear of retaliation, sabotage, or other negative consequences (i.e., we stick to the issues and all work together to resolve the issues for the betterment of the institution).
  • We discuss issues with directness and maybe even (tempered!) passion, and when the issue is put to bed, we respect and enjoy each other and maybe even have a little bit of fun.
NMSU Pride of New Mexico Drumline students in one line.