Promotion & Tenure

Listed below are links to resources in support of the Promotion and Tenure process. Candidates should begin by reviewing the university policy on promotion and tenure, then their college document, and finally their department document. Candidates should work closely with members of the Department Promotion and Tenure committee as well as their Academic Department Head in preparing materials for review.



P&T Guidelines by College and Department

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The COB has a P&T timeline to help ensure that department heads and deans accomplish tasks in a manner consistent with college practices. This timeline may also be useful to P&T applicants.

General COB P&T processes and policies are contained in the COB Process Manual:

Promotion and Tenure Materials

College of Education

Beginning in 2020, the College of Education has divided its policies into (1) Policy for Tenured Track and Tenured Faculty; and (2) Promotion of College and Research Faculty. These can be found here.

Academic Department Criteria

The School of Teacher Preparation, Administration, & Leadership

College of Health and Social Services


College Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Department Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

School of Nursing Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

School of Social Work Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Public Health Sciences Promotion and Tenure Guidelines