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Academic Affairs Staff

Provost's Leadership Team

Staff & Projects

Service/Project Provost's Representative Contact/Support
Academic Agreements, Approvals (process oversight) Provost Casey, Carley  & Garrett, Cindy
Academic Calendar, Holidays, etc. Provost Casey, Carley
Academic Deans Council (ADC) Provost Garrett, Cindy
Academic Misconduct Dean of Students Chavarria, Ysela
Academic Program Development ARP 4.81 Stovall, Shelly Casey, Carley
Academic Program Review ARP (HLC Standards) Stovall, Shelly Grant, Laura
Academic Technology Kollmann, Sherry
Accreditation, HLC & programs Stovall, Shelly Casey, Carley
Albuquerque Center (instructional location) Kollmann, Sherry
Annual Performance Reviews (Provost's direct reports) Provost Garrett, Cindy
Annual Performance Reviews, Faculty (process advice) Provost Podruchny, Gloria
APLU Western Land Grant Cluster projects Smith, David & Turner, Patrick Casey, Carley
Assessment, program & student learning outcomes Smith, David Casey, Carley
Associate Deans Academic Council (ADAC) Liaison Stovall, Shelly Garrett, Cindy
Beyond Borders Community of Practice Faculty Fellow Brown, Christopher Garrett, Cindy
Branch Campus Academic Officers Liaison Stovall, Shelly Casey, Carley
Budget & Financial (Provost's office & units) Alvarado, Lourdes Garrett, Cindy
Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) affiliation Dharamsi, Shafik Garrett, Cindy
Campus Planning Committee (master plan) Provost Garrett, Cindy
Center for Community Analysis (CCA) Stovall, Shelly
Center for Latin American & Border Studies (CLABS) Fellow Ortiz, David Garrett, Cindy
Commencement (liaison) Garrett, Cindy Garrett, Cindy
Committees and Task Forces, Scheduling Garrett, Cindy Garrett, Cindy
Common Course Numbering Smith, David Casey, Carley
Communications, Listserv usage, etc. Casey, Carley Casey, Carley
Compliance Requirements (Liaison) Provost Podruchny, Gloria
Contract renewals for provost's direct reports Provost Garrett, Cindy
Convocation Gray, Tara Garrett, Cindy
Course Demand Projections/Platinum Analytics Smith, David Casey, Carley
COVID Instructional Delivery Plan ADAC Committee Garrett, Cindy
Credit for Prior Learning project Kollmann, Sherry & Stovall, Shelly Casey, Carley
Curricular Analytics projects Smith, David Casey, Carley
Curriculum Approval & Change Process ARP 4.81 Smith, David Casey, Carley
University Program Approval Committee ADAC Committee Chair Casey, Carley
Data Analytics Projects Kellner, Natalie Garrett, Cindy
Dean Administrative Reviews, scheduling Provost Podruchny, Gloria
Department Head Workshops Provost Garrett, Cindy
Developmental Education, liaison Turner, Patrick Casey, Carley
Digital Measures Activity Insight Liaison Stovall, Shelly Casey, Carley & Grant, Laura
Digital Measures Workflow Projects oversight Stovall, Shelly Grant, Laura
Direct Reports standing meetings Provost Garrett, Cindy
EAB Navigate Academic Planning Engagement team Smith, David & Turner, Patrick Casey, Carley
EAB Navigate Analytics Group Smith, David Casey, Carley
Equipment Inventory (provost's office) Garrett, Cindy Garrett, Cindy
Events & Receptions (Provost's Office) Garrett, Cindy Garrett, Cindy
Export Control (Provost's Liaison) Provost Garrett, Cindy
Faculty Appointments Task Force Corran, Becky Garrett, Cindy
Faculty Awards & Recognition Gray, Tara Garrett, Cindy
Faculty Compensation Studies Madson, Laura Garrett, Cindy
Faculty Complaints Provost Garrett, Cindy
Faculty Credentials oversight Stovall, Shelly Casey, Carley
Faculty Development Gray, Tara
Faculty Fellow, Academic Level System Integration Improvements Corran, Becky
Faculty Fellow, Global Affairs Lewis, Delano  Garrett, Cindy
Faculty Grievance Review Board (FGRB) support & records FGRB Co-Chairs Podruchny, Gloria
Faculty Misconduct Provost Garrett, Cindy
Faculty P&T (coordination) Provost Garrett, Cindy
Faculty Personnel transactions (ARP advice) Provost Podruchny, Gloria
Faculty Postings & Offer Letter approvals (PeopleAdmin) Provost Podruchny, Gloria
Faculty Role in Student Success, program development Turner, Patrick Casey, Carley
Faculty Senate administrative support Senate Chair and Vice Chair Podruchny, Gloria
First-Year Initiatives, Director Turner, Patrick Casey, Carley
Forms, website access Casey, Carley Casey, Carley
General Education Smith, David Casey, Carley
Grants, letters of support Provost Garrett, Cindy
Higher Education Department (HED) Program Auth Smith, David Casey, Carley
International Working Group Lewis, Delano 
Instruction Innovation & Quality (IIQ) Kollmann, Sherry
Instructional Media Services (IMS) Kollmann, Sherry
International Travel Approvals Provost Garrett, Cindy
Job Postings, Provost Office and Units, staff Garrett, Cindy Garrett, Cindy
Men of Color Program Turner, Patrick Casey, Carley
Meta Majors (HED) Smith, David Casey, Carley
Nason House, scheduling Garrett, Cindy Garrett, Cindy
NMSU Online Degree Programs (NMSUO) Kollmann, Sherry
NMSU System-wide initiatives Provost
Online Course Improvement Program (OCIP) Kollmann, Sherry
Personalized Learning Plans Kollmann, Sherry & Smith, David
Policies, Implementation of academic policies & procedures Provost Podruchny, Gloria
Policies, proposed revisions Provost Garrett, Cindy
Provost's Calendar Garrett, Cindy Garrett, Cindy
Purchase card reconciliations Garrett, Cindy Garrett, Cindy
Regents Student Success Committee Provost & VPSS Garrett, Cindy
Risk Management (Provost's Liaison) Provost Podruchny, Gloria
Space Committee (offices and buildings) Provost Garrett, Cindy
Space Survey (provost's units) Garrett, Cindy Garrett, Cindy
Student Complaints (Liaison to DOS Office) Turner, Patrick Casey, Carley
Teaching Academy Director Gray, Tara
Teaching Evaluations, Student liaison Turner, Patrick Casey, Carley
Textbooks, Bookstore & Orders liaison Turner, Patrick Casey, Carley
Transfer and Articulation Agreements Liaison Stovall, Shelly Garrett, Cindy
Undergraduate Research Initiatives Camarena, Phame
University Studies Program (UNIV), Director Turner, Patrick Casey, Carley
Webpage, Provost's Office & units Casey, Carley Casey, Carley
WICHE Interstate Passport Smith, David Casey, Carley
WICHE STEM Passport Smith, David Casey, Carley
WICHE Western Academic Leadership Forum (WALF) Provost Garrett, Cindy
Service/Project Provost's Representative Contact/Support
Last updated January 13, 2022.