Promotion & Tenure Recommended Timeline

Candidates should check with their department head and/or dean’s office for local rules (e.g., dates for transmission of P&T documents to department and college review committees) which are set at the discretion of the colleges and departments. Departments and colleges which adjust this timeline to meet department and college scheduling needs must communicate any changes to faculty in a timely manner. All units should use P&T Workflow and Digital Records Repository (Watermark Faculty Success, previously Digital Measures) to facilitate review and routing of Core Documents (ARP 9.35, Part 6, A).

The following timeline begins in the March of the prior academic year. For example, the 2022-2023 academic year P&T cycle begins in March of 2022 and ends in July of 2023.  

View the Recommended P&T Timeline for AY2022-2023


Candidates notify department head/chair/director of intent to apply for tenure and/or promotion during subsequent fall semester.


External reviewers are identified and secured; candidates and departments prepare and send material to external reviewers.


External reviews are conducted, and departments receive reviewers’ letters.


Colleges confirm to Provost’s Office, all candidates who will be reviewed in the academic year's cycle (ex. 2022-2023) via Spreadsheet-of-all-Candidates annual year (ex. AY23) via separate SharePoint site.


Department heads distribute evaluation materials to faculty; department heads confer with faculty regarding goals, promotion, and tenure; candidates complete and submit all materials for their review via the P&T

Workflow module (see Pre AY 18/19: 9.20 B.1; Effective AY 18/19: 9.31.5 B)


Department heads, chairs and directors complete and submit department level reviews and recommendations via the P&T

Workflow module; Contract Status Change forms separately prepared (see Pre-AY 18/19: 9.20.2; Effective AY 18/19: 9.31.5); recommendations are shared with candidates.


College/campus level P&T review committees complete and submit their reviews and recommendations via the P&T Workflow module; recommendations are shared with candidates


Dean or comparable administrator informs faculty in writing of the recommendation of the College P&T Committee (Pre-AY 18/19: 9.25.9 F; Effective AY 18/19: 9.35.10 F and 9.35.5 A7, A8)


Dean completes their review and recommendations via the P&T Workflow module; recommendations are shared with candidates; Contract Status Change forms separately updated

First Monday of March

Core documents are due in Provost Office via P&T Workflow module (Pre-AY 18/19: 9.25.9 F; Effective AY 18/19: 9.35.10 F) [first Monday in March]


Conferences between Provost and Deans or comparable administrators regarding promotion and tenure (Pre-AY 18/19: 9.25.9 G; Effective AY 18/19: 9.35.10 G)

First week day of May

Provost’s decision letters issued [target date]


Contract Status Change forms submitted to HRS; Salary Adjustment process initiated by Provost in collaboration with Human Resource Services, Payroll and Budget Office


Faculty may verify any faculty appointment rank and status changes, and compensation rate changes, in the Banner Self-Serve portal.
Updated June 16, 2022.