Recommended Process and Timeline for Promotion and Tenure (P&T) Reviews

Academic Year 2024-2025

Candidates are advised to consult with their department head and/or dean’s office to be aware of specific local rules such as dates for transmitting promotion and tenure (P&T) documents to department and college review committees. The colleges and departments have the discretion to set their own timelines in the fall. If any adjustments to that fall timeline are made to meet department and college scheduling needs, the departments and colleges must communicate these changes to candidates in a timely manner. All units must use the P&T Workflow and Digital Records Repository (Watermark Faculty Success, previously Digital Measures) to facilitate the review and routing of Core Documents (ARP 9.35, Part 6, A). You can access it through this link

View the Recommended P&T Timeline for AY2024-2025


January – April

  • Notification to Department Head/Chair/Director: Candidates intending to apply for tenure and/or promotion are required to inform he department head, chair, or director.
  • Distribution of Required Documents: The department head/chair/director sends each candidate the necessary department and college documents as outlined in ARP 9.35, Part 5, B, 3.
  • Confirmation of Candidate List: The colleges compile and confirm to the Provost's Office a list of all candidates who will undergo review in the specified academic year (2024-2025).
  • resolution of Discrepancies: If there are any discrepancies in tenure dates or faculty status between Human Resources (HR) Services records and the college candidate list, the relevant parties collaborate to resolve them.
  • Submission of Watermark Workflow for Approval: Once all candidate information is accurate and complete, the colleges submit the Watermark workflow to the Provost's Office for final approval.


May – July

  • Identification and Securing of External Reviewers
  • Material Preparation and Submission by Candidates and Departments to External Reviewers
  • Opening Watermark Workflow for Candidates
  • Portfolio Preparation and Submission by Candidates
  • Completion and Upload of External Reviews to Candidate's Watermark Portfolio


August – December

  • Department Head provides finalized Portfolio to Department P&T Committee: including the assessments from External Reviewers (or Letters of Support of community colleges).
  • Committee evaluates candidate's Portfolio and offers recommendation.
  • College/campus level P&T review committee finalizes evaluations and suggestions through P&T Workflow module.
  • Recommendations communicated to candidates via Workflow.
  • Dean conducts review and provides recommendations through P&T Workflow module: recommendations shared with candidates.
  • Contract Status Change forms updated separately.


January – March


  • Meetings between Provost and Deans or equivalent administrators held.
  • Target date set for issuance of decision letters by Provost.
  • Provost communicates recommendations of department head, college dean, or equivalent administrator, along with their own decision, to the President.

Start of Fall (9 month)/Start of FY (12 month)

  • Promotion and tenure decisions become effective.
Updated April 15, 2024