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NMSU Expertise Portal

New Mexico State University can proudly boast of faculty in every college with expertise on hundreds of topics. This expertise is critical to our land-grant mission, which is built on research, creative activity, outreach, and extension. While these are worthy endeavors in and of themselves, the greatness of a land-grant university is achieved when these efforts are closely integrated into the educational mission. By working with our world-class faculty, NMSU students can direct their own intellectual and creative futures.   Knowing that we have such an incredible wealth of expertise makes me extremely proud. The impact NMSU has had on our students and the communities we serve is immense, but we must do our best to ensure this outreach continues to expand and improve.

That is why I am excited about the NMSU Expertise Portal, a new service available to our faculty and our community at large, which provides a window into faculty excellence.   It can be found at: This portal will:

  • Facilitate collaboration through a search feature that identifies faculty expertise to other researchers and scholars, both within NMSU and at other institutions. This is particularly important for those who perform research and creative activity in niche areas, where finding collaborators may be difficult. It can also help bring together faculty with similar goals, but different approaches.
  • Help attract and recruit students, scholars, and faculty.
  • Promote the image of NMSU as a repository of expertise for our stakeholders.

The Expertise Portal, until recently, was available only to those with access to NMSU’s portal (VPN). Because this is a powerful collaboration tool, it is now open to the public. This additional audience for the portal will provide faculty with greater opportunity for collaboration and funding, as well as increased recognition for their expertise and accomplishments. Many great institutions also share their strengths with the larger community. As we focus on increasing our research prominence and advancing student success and social mobility, it is critical that we share the expertise we have in so many areas. Through the Expertise Portal, NMSU’s wealth of knowledge will be broadcast more effectively than ever before.

The Expertise Portal draws its data from NMSU’s Activity Insight database. To ensure its accuracy, and to make the maximum amount of information accessible to potential collaborators, I encourage all faculty to regularly review and update their research, creative activity, and outreach record in the Activity Insight system. The Expertise Portal is updated every weekend.