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Course Registration for Main Campus Students Effective Fall Semester 2020

Effective immediately, students who are admitted to NMSU-Las Cruces (Main) campus may register only for classes offered from the LC (Main) campus. The sole exception will be when a main campus student tests into a pre-college course. In those cases, because branch campuses offer different pedagogical models to deliver developmental courses, Main campus advisors may override the main campus student into a branch campus developmental course with a pedagogical model using a blended or accelerated design.

Functionally, this means that the ‘primary campus’ restriction in Banner will be enabled so NMSU-LC campus students will only be able to register for M** sections. There will no longer be a two-week window opened in the registration system allowing NMSU-LC campus students to register for branch community college campus classes. Students who are admitted to one of the branch community college campuses (Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Dona Ana, or Grants) will continue to be allowed to register for classes at any of the campuses.

In cases where current LC (Main) campus students wish to pursue an associate degree or certificate, they should submit a Change of Campus request to the branch community college offering the degree or certificate they wish to pursue. This option must be exercised prior to completing 90 credit hours. Please know that upon changing their primary campus designation to a branch campus, students will no longer be eligible to receive an institutional scholarship awarded by the LC (Main) campus. When their goals relative to obtaining an associate degree or certificate are achieved, students may submit a Change of Campus request to the Main campus Transfer Center in the Admissions and Orientation Office to again be designated as a Main campus student, and once again become eligible for institutional scholarships awarded by the LC (Main) campus.

We recognize that this is a significant change from previous practice. However, it is the responsibility of programs on the Main campus to meet the demand for the courses required in their degree plans. Further, it is important for students to begin their academic career with an academic plan that considers semester by semester course options that will lead to degree completion in a reasonable timeframe, based upon their individual situations. Supporting students in completing their academic plans will require precise schedule management based on students’ course demand.

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