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Spring Semester 2021 Online Course Delivery Fee Reduction

To:                  All NMSU Las Cruces Students, Faculty and Staff

From:              Carol Parker, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

                       Andy Burke, Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance

Subject:           Spring Semester 2021 Online Course Delivery Fee Reduction


We are pleased to announce that the Las Cruces campus is reducing the online course delivery fee for Spring Semester 2021. The fee will be reduced to $25 per credit hour instead of the previous $35 per credit hour fee. This reduction will be reflected in tuition and fee charges incurred when registration for Spring Semester 2021 begins on Thursday, Nov. 12.  

Online course delivery is more costly for the university, because of the additional equipment and software required. This fee helps the university pay for the technology that supports Canvas and other online instruction tools. The online course delivery fee does not apply to fully in-person courses, dissertation or practicum/clinical sections. It applies only to courses coded as WB, ONL and HY in the registration system, which have online components.

Below are the instructional delivery definitions and schedule types for courses that include some online element, as listed in the NMSU Ready plan.

  • 100% online asynchronous delivery: There are no scheduled class meetings of any kind. Students complete work independently, on their own schedule, any time of day. Students are given deadlines by which they need to login and complete assignments [coded WB]

  • 100% online synchronous delivery: Classes occur on set schedules through remote delivery. Students and instructors are online at the same time, and lectures, discussions, and presentations take place at specific hours. All students must be online at that time in order to participate in the class [coded ONL]

  • Hybrid (online with required in-person attendance): Content delivery incorporates more than one modality, e.g., face-to-face and remote synchronous or asynchronous delivery. Face-to-face attendance is limited and may include alternating in-person and online synchronous or asynchronous attendance; may also provide recordings of lectures or experiential components for later reference to supplement concurrent transmission of lectures or experiential components. All students participate in all delivery modalities [coded HY]

The range of schedule types that you will see in include:

  • WB: 100% online asynchronous, i.e., Canvas only (Online no Synchronous Mtgs); Online Course Delivery fee applies
  • ONL: 100% online w/synchronous meetings, e.g., Zoom (Online with Synchronous Mtgs); Online Course Delivery fee applies
  • HY: Online with Req In Person Mtgs (mix of online of either type, plus required in-person meetings); Online Course Delivery fee applies
  • CL: Classroom/Lecture (100% in-person)
  • LB: Lab (in-person labs)
  • IND: Independent Meeting
  • PC: Practicum/Clinical
  • TD: Thesis/Dissertation

Our faculty are dedicated to ensuring a high-quality instructional experience and outcomes for our students. We have no doubt that, despite the challenges of managing the pandemic, spring 2021 semester will achieve these outcomes.

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