Meta Majors at NMSU

Meta-majors at NMSU are two-semester academic maps designed as planning tools for students who have not yet decided on a program of study.  Each meta-major represents a broad cluster of degree programs.  The meta-major academic maps include courses (such as English and Math) that lay the academic foundation for all of the degree programs represented by the specific meta-major as well as course options that facilitate exploration of the various disciplines represented.

Meta-majors share a common early pathway toward a degree, diverging as a student becomes more focused on an individual major.  By identifying a limited number of meta-majors that encompass all the majors at NMSU, and helping students who are unsure about a major choose a meta-major consistent with their interests, we can help ensure that courses taken early in a collegiate career will count toward a degree, thereby lessening the academic wandering that can impede student success.

Students will be directed to a meta major only if they are uncertain what they want to study. Students who are certain of their major will be advised into courses that are in that major’s degree plan.

The meta-majors below were identified through the efforts of the Council of Academic Advisors and the Associate Deans Academic Council. For our Fall 2016 incoming class, advisors will use these meta-majors with students who are unsure what to study and revised as needed for subsequent use.

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